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On 1 June 2006, at about 0848 Central Standard Time, a Beech Aircraft Corp A36 Bonanza aircraft, registered VH-JDJ, was approaching to land at Bathurst Island aerodrome.

Air traffic services radar data recorded the aircraft overflying the aerodrome and that the pilot joined the circuit on left downwind for a landing on runway 15. The aircraft impacted terrain 2.4 km north-west of the aerodrome. The pilot, who was the sole occupant of the aircraft, sustained fatal injuries.

The aircraft was assessed as being intact prior to the impact with terrain and no anomaly was identified with the aircraft that could have affected its normal operation.

Data recovered from an onboard engine data recording system was consistent with an interruption of the fuel flow and the loss of engine power about 42 seconds before impact. The pilot may have been attempting to perform an emergency landing to a nearby clearing when control of the aircraft was lost.

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