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At approximately 1213 Eastern Standard Time on 11 August 2005, a small motor vehicle drove into the path of a Pacific National locomotive, G535, on the Edith Street level crossing at Horsham in Victoria. The crossing is protected by flashing lights a bell, approach warning signs and road markings. The driver of the motor vehicle was fatally injured as a result of the collision.

The investigation found that the driver of the motor vehicle did not to give way to the train as prescribed in 'Road Rules - Victoria'. Based on available evidence it is believed that the driver of the motor vehicle was distracted by the intersection immediately ahead, Dooen Road, and/or personal issues and was apparently unaware of the train's presence, even though the level crossing warning devices were operating at the time of the accident.

Rail recommendation [ RR20060043 ] [ RR20060044 ] [ RR20060045 ] [ RR20060046 ] [ RR20060047 ]

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