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On 10 December 2005, at about 0953, two Piper Aircraft Corp PA-28, Warrior, aircraft collided 2 km north-east of Coldstream Aerodrome.

The instructor and student on board one of the aircraft were conducting circuit training at Coldstream Aerodrome. The instructor reported that the aircraft had climbed above the nominated circuit height of 1,500 ft above mean sea level (AMSL), but was not certain of the maximum altitude their aircraft ultimately reached.

After the collision the instructor had initially considered an off airport landing; however, after some degree of control was regained he felt confident enough to return to Coldstream Aerodrome. The right wing leading edge and the vertical stabiliser of the aircraft sustained substantial damage in the collision.

The instructor and student onboard the other aircraft were returning to Lilydale Aerodrome after a period in the local training area. While transiting from the training area to Lilydale the aircraft overflew the Coldstream Aerodrome circuit area. After the collision, the instructor on board the aircraft took control of the aircraft and continued on to Lilydale Aerodrome located a short distance to the north-west. The aircraft sustained minor damage to the left wing tip, left aileron, and engine cowl and nose gear.

The local instructions for aircraft operated at Coldstream Aerodrome indicated a circuit altitude of 1,500 ft AMSL and an overfly altitude of 2,000 ft AMSL. The instructor reported that they overflew the Coldstream Aerodrome circuit area above 2,000 ft AMSL, which was consistent with the unverified radar data.

Following the collision, the instructor pilots landed their aircraft safely and none of the pilots were injured.

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