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During the latter part of 2005, air traffic controllers at Melbourne International airport observed that Boeing 767-300 aircraft of a foreign operator did not follow the published procedures for the ARBEY TWO Standard Arrival Route (STAR) procedures for an approach to runway 27 at Melbourne International Airport.

The ATSB was notified of those non-compliance occurrences, and provided the Air Accident Investigation Branch, Flugunfalluntersuchungsstelle, of the Republic of Austria with details of them.

On 23 December 2005, the Flugunfalluntersuchungsstelle advised the ATSB that it had held meetings with the operator to discuss the 767 STAR non-compliances at Melbourne.

The ATSB has received no other reports of STAR non-compliances at Melbourne involving the operator's 767 aircraft subsequent to the 3 November 2005 occurrence.

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