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At about 1512 Western Standard Time on 18 January 2005, a Beech Aircraft Corp B200 (Super King Air) aircraft, registered VH-SGT, sustained damage when its main landing gear collapsed on touch down on runway 24 at Perth Airport, WA. The aircraft had earlier departed the aerodrome on a charter flight with one pilot and seven passengers on board.

The pilot had elected to return to the aerodrome after detecting a problem during the retraction of the aircraft's landing gear. He attempted to manually extend the landing gear, but was unable to confirm that the landing gear had locked in position for the subsequent precautionary landing. The main landing gear collapsed as the aircraft touched down.

In the absence of the declaration of a Local Standby condition by either the pilot in command or the Air Traffic (ATS) services personnel, the on-airport Rescue and Fire Fighting services (RFF) were not placed in that condition of readiness for the landing. However, on receiving advice from ATS of the circumstances of the aircraft's return for landing, the RFF services personnel boarded their vehicles in preparation for a possible emergency response.

Examination of the aircraft landing gear by the aircraft operator revealed an incorrectly installed thrust bearing in the hydraulic actuator for the left main landing gear. The result was that the axial loads normally carried by the thrust bearing were transferred to the actuator's pinion gears which fractured under abnormal operational loads. That damage seized the actuator and prevented the manual extension of the aircraft's landing gear by the pilot.

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