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Safety Action


As a result of this and a number of similar occurrences, the ATSB is reviewing past investigations and data held by the Bureau covering safety issues relating to the communication of weather information to aircrews and between Airservices Australia and the Bureau of Meteorology and the safety action taken by these organisations to mitigate known problems in this area.

The ATSB has previously published reports of the investigations into occurrences that involved flight by regular public transport aircraft into convective weather and other weather situations where the availability of accurate weather information and communication of weather information to flight crews was a factor. For further information, readers are directed to ATSB occurrence investigations 200100213, 200105157, 200201228, 200301941 and 200304400 and associated safety recommendations. Copies of these reports are available from the ATSB website, or from the Bureau on request.

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