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Safety Action


The operator indicated that they would be reviewing their procedures and flight proficiency checks:

A review was conducted on the procedures as set out in the REX flight crew operating manual 4.4 and on the SAAB AOM in consultation with the manufacturer. It was concluded that current procedures will remain in force. However, it was also decided that the (sic) in light of the circumstances the current Crew Simulator programme, i.e. the Command Instrument Rating renewal (CAO 40.2.1) and the Flight Proficiency check (CAO 40.1.5), containing elements of unusual attitude recovery and flight in severe icing conditions, would be extended until the new flight proficiency simulator programme as required by CAO 40.1.5 had been trialled and approved.

The new comprehensive simulator programme will commence its cycle in September of 2005. The new sequence involves an engine failure at high altitude with the aircraft flying in severe icing conditions with particular emphasis placed on setting Maximum Continuous Power (both torque and propeller rpm.) Along with this practical application, the crews will also be required to complete a candidate questionnaire containing questions relevant to flying in icing conditions (again with similar emphasis) and actions to be taken in the event of possible loss of control. To further enhance crew awareness of flight in icing conditions all Saab crew will be issued with the Saab CD/DVD "Operating in Icing Conditions".

Following the incident, the manufacturer visited the Australian operators and informed them about winter operations in icing conditions, including a presentation of the Saab Winter Training Program.

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