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Safety Action


Airservices Australia

As a result of this occurrence, on 26 November 2004 Airservices advised the ATSB that a review of the AIP and MATS will be conducted. This review will ensure that, when a RVR is quoted in the aerodrome information provided by the controller or detailed in the ATIS, the RVR clearly relates to the runway touchdown zone quoted in the information. Airservices will also incorporate the events of the occurrence into a refresher training module to be used by staff at towers with low visibility operations procedures.

As a result of Airservices? advice of this proposed safety action, the ATSB will continue to monitor its progress until evidence is received of the implementation of the proposed actions.

Bureau of Meteorology

The BoM advised that the occurrence was reviewed at a Fog Workshop on 13 July 2004, which resulted in the establishment of the ?Fog Forecasting at Sydney Airport? project. The aim of the project is to review the existing forecasting methodologies and guidance material used to predict fog at Sydney aerodrome. The BoM intends to use the results from the review and subsequent real-time testing to implement a structured set of objective guidelines that are intended to improve the accuracy of fog forecasting at Sydney aerodrome.

The project is a joint undertaking by staff from the Bureau?s Sydney Airport Meteorological Unit and the Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre, in collaboration with researchers at Monash and Macquarie Universities. The project team members are currently constructing an expanded climatological database for Sydney aerodrome and reviewing the predictors for fog. The planned completion date for the project is December 2005.


The aircraft operator advised that staff from its safety department gave a presentation to controllers at the Sydney Terminal Control Unit (TCU) on 15 April 2005. The presentation provided an explanation of the operational aspects of the occurrence to ATC from an operator and flight crew perspective. The operator also advised that the same presentation was given at the Air Traffic Service/Airline Forum held on 20 April 2005. The operator plans to give the presentation to Brisbane and Melbourne TCU controllers later in 2005.

The operator also advised that an article describing the occurrence will be published during 2005 in a newsletter distributed to flight crew.

As a result of this advice of proposed safety actions by the operator, the ATSB will continue to monitor its progress until evidence is received of the implementation of the proposed action.

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