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Safety Action


As a result of this occurrence, the operator has advised the ATSB that:

  • amended procedures for the dissemination of weather information to crews have been trialled since the occurrence, and documented procedures are being amended
  • an audio-visual presentation on the occurrence has been produced and provided to Airservices Australia
  • the audio-visual package was presented at an Airservices Australia/Airline Industry Forum
  • an awareness article was produced for dissemination to crews
  • a program to add a predictive windshear capability to the operators fleet is continuing.


1 Times indicated have been referenced from a number of sources, which used different time bases. Times obtained from the aircraft flight data recorder are EST+3 seconds and those obtained from Brisbane air traffic control are EST+7 seconds.
2 The average direction is based on mid-level wind direction.
3 The BoM reported that thunderstorms that move to the left or right of the average direction of the storm line, typically display severe characteristics.
4 Distance Measuring Equipment.
5 Windshear warning and predictive windshear warning functions were not required to be incorporated in the aircraft weather radar system.
6 BoM staff a meteorologist position in the operator's flight dispatch organisation.
7 Times are EST+3 seconds.

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