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On 28 September 2003, a Robinson Helicopter Company model 22 helicopter (R22) registered VH-UXF was engaged in aerial mustering operations with another R22 helicopter registered VH-AOP. The helicopters were operating in an area 93 km south of Derby, Western Australia. The pilot of UXF returned from a refuelling stop and had been in the mustering area for about 30 minutes when the pilot of AOP noted that he had not heard any radio transmissions from the pilot for about 10 minutes. He commenced a search and soon after, located UXF at the edge of a claypan.

The pilot landed close to UXF in order to assist the two occupants. After isolating the helicopter's electrical system, he attempted to comfort and provide first aid to them. However, because of the apparent nature and extent of their injuries, he decided to seek medical assistance from Derby.

About 80 minutes later, the pilot returned to the scene of the accident with a doctor from Derby. The doctor determined that, in the intervening period, both occupants of UXF had succumbed to their injuries.

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