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Safety Action


Aircraft operator local safety action

The operator has amended its pushback procedures in the event that the pilot in command advises "brakes parked", "clear to disconnect" without a pause between the two instructions. After the Captain confirms that the brakes are parked, a chock is to be placed in front of the nose wheel while the tow bar is being disconnected. The tow bar is to be disconnected from the aircraft and the steering bypass pin removed. The dispatch engineers are to then disconnect the interphone, close the interphone panel door and remove the nose wheel chock, then position clear of the aircraft and in view of the crew.

The amended procedure reinterates the previous requirement for two chocks to be carried on the tow motor for all aircraft movements.

Airport operator local safety action

The airport operator has revised the operational procedures for the Domestic-4 apron. The revised procedures specify that aircraft movements to/from Bays 93, 93A, 93R, 94, 94A and 94B are not permitted when towbar disconnect point east is occupied.

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