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The Yarowee sector controller had entered the amended CFL into TAAATS. He believed he had received the required information from the crew of the A330 and consequently cancelled the CFL prompt in the displayed label of the A330. The distraction at a nearby console interrupted the Yarowee sector controller before he had completed the task of issuing the amended clearance. The occurrence highlights the importance of controller vigilance in completing necessary TAAATS' interface action to ensure system data integrity.

At the time of the CLAM and STCA alarms, the Canty sector controller had accepted jurisdiction of the A330, however, the Yarowee controller had not advised the crew of the A330 to change to the Canty frequency. The crews of the A330 and the 737 were on different frequencies and were therefore unaware of the potential conflict. Neither crew was given a traffic advisory despite the STCA alarm.

Both controllers used effective scanning and monitoring techniques which enabled timely detection and resolution of the conflict before there was an infringement of separation standards.

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