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Significant Factors


  1. The pilot of the C172 incorrectly identified the aircraft that he was instructed to follow and did not realise that there was another aircraft in the landing sequence ahead.
  2. The pilot of the C172 did not sight GUU39 during his base and final approach. This task was made more difficult by a number of factors including the lack of contrast between GUU39 and the background terrain, the relative position between the two aircraft during the final stages of the approach and possibly the effects of sun glare. This was compounded by the pilot's perception that the aircraft ahead had already landed.
  3. GUU39 and the C172 converged during final approach due to the relative difference in aircraft approach speeds.
  4. The pilot of the C172 did not realise that the `late finals' broadcast was made by the pilot of GUU39, also on short final approach.

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