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Safety Action


Local safety action

As a result of this incident the operator has proceeded to replace all VSV levers of the same manufacture as the failed item.

The engine manufacturer has amended the 'IPC tip bend acceptance criteria' text in the aircraft maintenance manual and issued a revision to service bulletin RB211-72-D516, extending the range of the inspection to include all VSV-1 and VSV-2 levers. The engine manufacturer has also designed a strengthened VSV lever that has been certified for use under service bulletin RB211-72-E042.


As a result of this occurrence the Australian Transport Safety Bureau issues the following safety recommendations:

1. Recommendation R20030002

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that Rolls-Royce plc revise service bulletin RB211-72-D516 to highlight the potential for cracking failure between the lever and connecting pin of the Variable Stator Vane lever assemblies, and ensure that inspections contained within this service bulletin adequately address this mode of failure.

2. Recommendation R20030003

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau recommends that the United Kingdom Civil Aviation Authority review Rolls Royce plc, Trent 800 engine inspection procedures for the variable stator vane lever assemblies and service bulletin RB211-72-D516, to ensure that they adequately address and manage the potential for cracking failure of the lever assemblies.

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