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Safety Action


Verification of the actual fuel quantity during pre-flight inspection would have alerted the pilot to the amended state of fuel quantity on board the accident aircraft. CASA produced an Advisory Circular in September 2001 on fuel planning as guidance for operators and pilots to help ensure correct pre-flight planning procedures and that aircraft carry sufficient fuel to safely complete each flight.

The fitment of upper body restraints to the passenger seat belt systems may have reduced the exposure to some of the serious injuries incurred in this accident. Recommendation R19980281 arising from occurrence 199802830, dated 26 July 1998, was previously made to CASA to address this perceived deficiency with regard to upper body restraints. In response to this recommendation, CASA issued a Discussion Paper `Proposed Airworthiness Directive, General Series - Upper Torso Restraints for Occupants in Small Aircraft' explaining the intention to introduce such a requirement and inviting comment by the industry. The public comment period closed 01 March 2002 and CASA is now considering these comments prior to promulgation of the AD.

The Bureau's response to that action was RESPONSE STATUS: MONITOR. The ATSB will continue to monitor the CASA action and any further correspondence will be published on the ATSB website www.atsb.gov.au.

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