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Safety Action


Local safety action

As a result of the investigation, the following safety actions were carried out:

The operator issued a memo to its engineering staff highlighting the need for:

  1. extra vigilance when inspecting the rear fuselage area; and
  2. all hydraulic fluid leaks to be treated as potential total hydraulic failure and to be reported to maintenance watch.

The engine buildup unit contractor issued Service Bulletin, Rohr SB R715.29-001 on 9 November 2001, that provided instructions to install a pulsation attenuator to each engine driven hydraulic pump.

The airframe manufacturer issued an All Operators Letter (AOL) 717-048 on the 18 January 2002, recommending that operators install the hydraulic pump outlet attenuator (via Rohr Service Bulletin R715.29-001) to minimize hydraulic system vibrations.

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