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Safety Action


Local safety action

On 3 Feb 2000, Airservices Australia undertook to investigate methods to enhance controller awareness and application of the concept of separation assurance through, among other initiatives, the production and dissemination of information and a review of MATS. As at 24 May 2002, Airservices Australia had;

  1. included separation assurance as a refresher training module,
  2. highlighted occurrences in which a lack of separation assurance may have been a contributing factor, and
  3. described separation assurance, in MATS, in terms of conflict avoidance rather than conflict resolution.

ATSB safety action

Airservices Australia advised the ATSB on 21 April 2002 that it was reviewing all aspects of separation assurance matters, which will include a definition of separation assurance. On 26 July 2002, further correspondence from Airservices indicated that a definition of separation assurrance would be included in the next amendment of MATS. The ATSB will continue to monitor these separation assurrance matters until the amendment is promulgated.

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