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Safety Action


Local safety action

Airservices Australia has amended Local Instructions to more clearly indicate the responsibility of the ADC to ensure that, prior to issuing a take-off clearance, the callsign of an aircraft is read back by the TMA controller as part of the acknowledgment of the auto release coordination.

Local Instructions have also been amended to ensure voice coordination between the TMA controller and the ADC is more specific when clearing an aircraft for an instrument approach to other than the system runway. Specifically, revised instructions require that voice coordination take place "immediately prior to the aircraft being cleared for final".

Airservices Australia Advised the ATSB that it is:

a. taking advantage of opportunities that arise from time to time to provide controllers with familarisation visits, but that a formalised familiarisation program was not currently possible.

b. reviewing the arrangements for booking training instrument approaches at Canberra.

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