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Safety Action


Local Safety Action

During the period since the accident, the helicopter operator, in conjunction with the electricity power supply company, has devised and instigated a formal training program for power company employees who wish to undertake aerial powerline inspections as part of their company duties. The operator reported that the operations manual was being amended to reflect that change and to correct other deficiencies identified during the investigation. The operator plans to report back to the ATSB on completion of those changes. The training and procedures will now also have an audit process in place to ensure best practice is maintained.

The Network Service Division, in consultation with the helicopter operator, has completed work on a reference document, "Western Power Guidelines for Power Line Inspection/Patrols by Helicopter, 30 January 2002" which is one step in addressing ATSB Recommendations R20010204 and R20010205. In a meeting with the ATSB, the Principal Engineer for the Network Service Division stated that the new document will now be a mandatory standards reference document for any training manuals/courses devised for power company employees intending to undertake powerline inspection and patrol by helicopter. The document will also be a mandatory reference for any helicopter operators as part of the Network Service Division's contract tender process for powerline inspections.

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