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The Boeing 767 passenger list was changed shortly before departure but the crew were not provided with the updated passenger list.

Normal company procedures were to complete the passenger list 15 minutes before the doors were closed. Passengers checked in within 15 minutes prior to doors closure required the passenger list and loadsheet to be amended. The 'last-minute changes' were entered into the computerised load control system, which then produced a final loadsheet incorporating all the changes.

If a passenger checked in very close to doors closure, there may not have been enough time for traffic staff to reprint an updated passenger list and deliver it to the crew. In this event, company procedures required passenger service staff to hand amend the passenger list on the aircraft and to ensure that the number of names on the list agreed with the number of passengers on the loadsheet.

On this occasion an updated list was not issued and the list on board the aircraft was therefore not updated. The company has since reminded all of its customer service staff of the requirements for the passenger list to accurately reflect the names and the number of passengers stated on the final loadsheet.

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