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Safety Action


The operator replaced both right wing aileron trim cables and chains on the aircraft. As a result of this incident the operator carried out an aileron trim cable inspection of its fleet of twelve BAe146 aircraft. Notable corrosion in the rib 14 pulley area was found in both wings of another aircraft. All aileron trim (wing loop) cables of that aircraft were subsequently replaced.

On 27 July 2000 the operator issued an Engineering Release (ER) that required a more thorough inspection of aileron trim cables for corrosion at each C check. The inspection aimed to ensure that any hidden corrosion at pulley locations did not pass through major checks undetected. Inspection highlighted the need to operate flight controls over their complete range of movement allowing inspection of cable obscured by pulleys. The ER also called for cleaning and lubrication of cables, paying particular attention to the lengths of cable passing through the pulley bank.

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