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The position of the Boeing 767 was displayed incorrectly on the Brisbane sector controller's Air Situation Display (ASD). The aircraft passed ATMAP at 0404 Coordinated Universal Time and was estimating Curtin at 0503. At 0404 the aircraft was displayed on the ASD just south of Bali with an estimate for Bali of 0404. Bali ATC had previously advised Brisbane ATC that the aircraft was estimating ATMAP at 0404. As the aircraft was not within radar coverage and not fitted with Automatic Dependant Surveillance equipment, the ASD displayed the aircraft position consistent with the input data, not the aircraft's actual position.

The investigation revealed that the controller had used the electronic strip intending to enter the time of 0404 for ATMAP, but instead entered 0404 as the time overhead Bali.

There was no infringement of separation standards.

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