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Between 17 and 23 July 1999, the Singapore flag bulk carrier Padang Hawk loaded a full cargo of nickel ore from barges at Kouaoua, New Caledonia. Late on 23 July, the ship sailed for Townsville, Australia. During the passage, Padang Hawk was subjected to rough seas and rolled heavily. At about 2200 on 26 July, the ship developed a 15 list to port.

A quick examination of the holds showed that the cargo in four of the five holds had settled and appeared to have liquefied.

Some water was pooling on the surface of the cargo in number 1 hold. The cargo in the forward holds appeared to be 'flowing' with the movement of the ship.

The master reduced speed and altered course to put the wind and seas on the ship's port quarter. Ballast was then pumped to correct the list. The ship's course was maintained so that it entered the inner route of the Great Barrier Reef by Grafton Passage rather than the more southerly Palm Passage.

The ship finally arrived safely in Townsville at 2000 on the evening of 28 July.

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