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The disparity between the TAAATS training and management of sector 6, the differences in coordination and management between TAAATS and sector 6 and the limited opportunities to use radar vectoring, all contributed to limit the controller's ability to successfully resolve the conflict.

The ready provision of direct tracking to Mudgee for aircraft that had planned via H29 increased the controller workload. While this factor was minor in comparison to the others previously mentioned, it nevertheless resulted in some additional action by the controller. Had aircraft been required to intercept and rejoin air route H29 prior to the majority of the intersections with other routes it is likely that the complexity of the controller's task would have been reduced.

Prior to the crew requesting the availability of alternative separation methods the controller had formulated a traffic management plan that would ensure separation was maintained between the aircraft. After the crew's query, the controller adjusted his plan to compensate for the changed circumstances but was inadequately prepared to ensure maintenance of separation using the radar.

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