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Safety Action


Local action

As a result of its investigation into this incident, Airservices Australia suggested the following safety actions:

"Sydney Tower experiment with the use of blocking strips for aircraft crossing runways to see if a satisfactory method of usage can be found which is beneficial to controllers."

"Team Leaders discuss with their teams the relevance of surface movement controllers taxiing aircraft, which require runway crossings, by taxiways which provide the ADC with the optimum view of the aircraft and present the best opportunities for expeditious runway crossings."

Australian Transport Safety Bureau action

As a result of this and other occurrences the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, formerly the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation, is currently investigating a safety deficiency. The deficiency relates to the use of conditional clearances for runway entry and runway crossings by vehicles and aircraft and procedures used by air traffic controllers to alert themselves that vehicles or aircraft are on an active runway.

Any recommendation issued as a result of this deficiency analysis will be published in the Bureau's Quarterly Safety Deficiency Report.

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