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Safety Action


Local Safety Action

Airservices Australia's Occurrence Investigation Report (V4) dated 7 May 1999 under the heading of recommendations stated:

"Actions Taken
The officer concerned and his team leader have been interviewed to obtain their perspective on the occurrence. The officer was suspended and undertook 2 days of training and assessment by his team leader.

Other officers on duty at the time of the occurrence have been counselled to confirm the need for close scrutiny and oversight of traffic disposition, officer relief and coordinator support.

Actions to be taken.
All Flight Service Officers will be made aware of the findings of this investigation".

ATSB Safety Action

As a result of this and other occurrences the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) investigated a safety deficiency. The deficiency was identified as: "Human factor issues in flight service centres are creating an environment in which safety may be compromised".

Air Safety Recommendation R19990220 was released to the public on 27 January 2000 and stated:

"The Australian Transport Safety Bureau (formerly BASI) recommends that Airservices Australia address flight service related issues that have the potential to seriously compromise safety, including those relating to incidents where there was a "failure to pass traffic" or a "failure to coordinate."

Air Safety Recommendation R19990220 was formally rejected by Airservices Australia in their response dated 28 February 2000. The ATSB considered the Airservices' rejection and because of developments with another "failure to pass traffic" occurrence asked "whether Airservices' rejection of the recommendation stands".

Airservices Australia confirmed their formal rejection of R19990220 on 29 March 2000. The rejection was considered by the ATSB and, due to the subsequent closure of the Flight Service Centres, categorised the response as "Closed - Not Accepted".

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