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Safety Action


Local safety action

As a result of the investigation, Airservices Australia has:

  1. Introduced a revised missed approach procedure on 17 June 1999. This procedure changed the outbound heading from 030 degrees to 015 degrees, and
  2. Introduced Cairns Local Instruction TLI99/105 which restricted the available headings for departures to 030 degrees only, when missed approaches are likely.

The combined effect of these actions was to provide a nominal 15 degree buffer between the departure and missed approach paths.

Airservices Australia management at Cairns has introduced a program of regular in-flight emergency response and abnormal situation refresher training for tower staff. The first course was completed between 19 - 23 July 1999.


As a result of the investigation the Australian Transport Safety Bureau (formerly Bureau of Air Safety Investigation) issued the following recommendation to Airservices Australia on 23 December 1999:


That Airservices Australia review ongoing refresher training for all staff. In particular, to ensure that adequate discussion and simulation of unusual situations pertinent to specific locations is included in the syllabus.

Airservices Australia responded on 7 February 2000 accepting the recommendation.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau classified the response as CLOSED - ACCEPTED

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