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Safety Action


Local safety action by the regulator

As a result of this and similar occurrences, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority amended the Civil Aviation Orders, effective from 16 August 1999. Under the amended orders, all charter passenger-carrying flights to Norfolk Island and other remote islands, must carry fuel for flight to the destination, then to an alternate aerodrome. The alternate aerodrome must not be located on a remote island. Fuel requirements related to RPT operations to remote islands have not been affected by that amendment.

BASI safety action

As a result of this and similar occurrences, the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation is currently investigating a number of safety deficiencies. The safety deficiencies identified relate to the accuracy of meteorological forecasts for Norfolk Island and the regulations covering RPT flights to remote island destinations. Any safety output as a result of this analysis will be published in the Bureau's Quarterly Summary of Safety Deficiency.

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