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Safety Action


Local safety action

Following the investigation, Airservices Australia has:

  1. Withdrawn the use of OPD coordination between the tower and TMA and, restricted the use of Local Instruction 8-22-TM for use between TMA positions.
  2. Briefed controllers to pass sequence information to tower as per Local Instructions 8-23TM in a timely manner and to ensure that handover/takeover procedures are carried out as per local instructions 1-5-TM.
  3. Instructed TWR and TMA Team Leaders to promote team work across streams at all times and ensure each unit provides back up support at all times, especially during quiet periods.
  4. Added a section to local instructions for the control of overshooting aircraft including an instruction to provide a "next" call to DEP for all aircraft conducting overshoot at Perth.
  5. Instructed controllers to pass the current clearance issued to aircraft operating within 5nm of Perth airport to the ADC by the TMA controllers. However this does not absolve the ADC from obtaining information which may be pertinent to separation responsibilities.
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