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The information flow between the approach and departures controllers was not in accordance with local instructions, because approach was issuing overshoot instructions for an aircraft that would require a clearance from departures. The aerodrome controller, by coordinating with approach instead of departures, compounded this and may have reduced the departures controllers' situational awareness.

The use of Operational Data Information for coordination between units was accepted as a standard operating procedure. On some occasions the overuse and over reliance on Operational Data Information coordination may lead to a lack of situational awareness. Controllers were aware of what was intended to happen after the overshoot but there were no visual cues as to what the aircraft was doing. The approach and departures controllers coordinated via hotline for Departures to retain the Cessna on frequency and place the aircraft on a close right downwind. However there was no way for the aerodrome controller to know this unless the controller had queried the aircraft's current clearance. This may have led the approach controller to discount the Cessna from his mental traffic picture.

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