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Safety Action


As a result of the investigation into the circumstances leading to the accident of a Cessna 185E floatplane at Calabash Bay, NSW (Occurrence 199802830), the Bureau issued Recommendation R19980277 on 6 January 1999. During the course of that investigation a number of organisational and management deficiencies were identified concerning the conduct of charter flight operations. One of those deficiencies concerned the adequacy of assessing chief pilot applicants in their ability to manage the conduct of safe flight operations. A similar safety deficiency was identified during the course of this investigation (Occurrence 199804432).

Part (ii) of safety recommendation R19980277 stated:

"The Bureau of Air Safety Investigation recommends that the Civil Aviation Safety Authority:

(ii) develop a process to assess the ability of a chief pilot applicant to administer and manage regulatory and safety compliance."

The response from CASA indicated that it intended to amend the Air Operator Certification Manual to more adequately address system safety management issues. The Bureau will continue to monitor the progress of that amendment.

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