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Safety Action


Local safety action

  • Airservices Australia advised that the following procedures were to be implemented with immediate effect (27 August 1998):
  1. " A coordinator shall be assigned to FS1 at least 15 minutes prior to expected multiple movements at MOK whether inbound or outbound.
  2. Communications shall be managed by FS1 and FS5 so that all aircraft at A100 and below shall be in HF contact with FS1 when crossing the FIA boundary north/south between 122.4 and 125.7 or at top of descent into MOK from flight levels.
  3. VHF transfers between 125.7 and 122.4 shall not be attempted in either direction with aircraft at or below A100.
  4. Aircraft not capable of continuous two-way contact with either FS1 or FS5 shall be advised that "IFR operations are not permitted without continuous two-way comms, advise intentions". Pilots should be expected to proceed VFR at a VFR level, with a SARTIME.
  5. If considered of value and as a prompt, primary and secondary HF frequencies may be given to IFR flights arriving at MOK as follows;
    When aircraft report arrival at MOK, they may be instructed to "report taxying and departure on ... (HF frequency) as primary, with ... as secondary".
  6. IFR aircraft that fail to report departure MOK within 10 NM of the aerodrome or prior to climbing through A050 shall be the subject of an immediate phone call to their company. This shall be done by the Group Leader if on duty or the TLDR or OCA officer at all other times.
  7. If considered of value in difficult communications conditions, traffic information may be directed to IFR flights on anticipated MOK departures that may not have reported taxying.
  8. The situation with MOK traffic, communications, frequency congestion and pilot movement reports will be reviewed over a trial period of 28 days. Further action will be taken as circumstances warrant."

Bureau of Air Safety Investigation safety action

As a result of this and a similar occurrence, the Bureau of Air Safety Investigation is currently investigating a perceived safety deficiency relating to the air traffic service operational limitations of Brisbane Flight Service 1 position.

Any safety output issued as a result of this analysis will be published in the Bureau's Quarterly Safety Deficiency Report.

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