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The Air Tractor was being used to conduct aerial reconnaissance of a forestry area prior to spraying the trees. The north-easterly wind was gusting from about 15 kts and there was 8 OCTAS of low cloud with passing rain showers. The horizon was often obscured. The pilot reported that he encountered some turbulence during the flight.

On completion of the reconnaissance flight, the pilot decided to land towards the east-south-east. He reported that late in the landing approach, with full flap selected the aircraft unexpectedly rolled left. He was unable to correct the roll before the left landing gear struck the perimeter fence. The aircraft veered left and its left wing struck the chemical loader that was parked near the edge of the airstrip. The aircraft then cartwheeled before coming to rest inverted. The pilot and bystanders were unhurt but the aircraft was destroyed.

No deficiencies could be found with the aircraft that may have contributed to the accident.

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