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The investigation was unable to determine the flight path of the Tomahawk after it had departed from Bankstown on a VFR flight to the training area and Hoxton Park earlier in the morning. The damage to the right wing of the Tomahawk, together with witness observations, indicated that the Archer had approached from the rear right quadrant of that aircraft. The location of the collision point, and the respective tracks of the two aircraft, make it likely that the Tomahawk had been flying parallel to runway 34 on the non-active side of the circuit and that it had commenced to, or was about to, turn left to join the crosswind leg.

The investigation was also unable to determine if the pilot of the Tomahawk had made the required CTAF broadcast approaching Hoxton Park. There CTAF frequency was not recorded nor was it required to be recorded. The pilot may have made the required CTAF broadcast before the pilot of the Archer had changed to that frequency. Nevertheless, the pilot of the Tomahawk should have heard the pilot of the Archer reporting inbound to Hoxton Park and been aware of the approximate location of that aircraft. Had the pilot of the Tomahawk acknowledged the broadcast from the pilot of the Archer, the situational awareness of that pilot would have been enhanced, making his efforts to sight and avoid other aircraft more effective.

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