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Safety Action


The investigation identified a perceived safety deficiency. The safety deficiency related to the lack of provision of a low-level survey rating for pilots.

Low-level operations generally involve either agricultural operations, or survey operations. Agricultural operators undertake an agricultural rating, which provides training to operate at low level. A syllabus exists to provide approval for pilots to conduct mustering operations and the low level training segment of this syllabus is normally required for low flying permission to be granted for other low level flying operations.

No low-level endorsement exists at present. However, as part of the Regulatory Framework Program, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority is developing Civil Aviation Safety Regulation part 137, which will address the training and qualification requirements of all pilots undertaking aerial work at low level. The Bureau will monitor progress of this issue.

Any safety output issued as a result of this analysis will be published in the Bureau's Quarterly Safety Deficiency Report.

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