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The Pilot was engaged in aerial spraying operations when the aircraft's right main landing gear struck an 11.000 V powerline (3 wires). The aircraft impacted the ground and burst into flames 60 m beyond first contact with the power line. The crash was not survivable.

The pilot had completed spraying 1 previous load on the same paddock and was observed to fly routinely over the powerline on these runs. The aircraft crashed as the second load was almost expended. The sun was 18 degrees above the horizon at the time of the crash. The last spray run was aligned 223 degrees M, 33 degrees left of the sun.

The aircraft struck all 3 strands in a 90 m span, approximately 10 m left of a 7 m power pole. A spur line ran east from the pole to one near an irrigation pump, 50 m away.

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