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During a competition, several high-performance single-seat gliders were flying on a triangular cross-country exercise in loose formation at between 2,500 and 3,000 ft AGL. VH-UKG was flying near the front of the group and began a left turn in search of rising air. At that time, VH-GWX, which had recently joined the group, came alongside the left side of UKG and began to pass.

The pilot of UKG became aware of GWX at the last moment and attempted to dive clear but the right wing of his glider, at about mid-span, struck the right side of the cockpit of GWX.

UKG became uncontrollable as the wing disintegrated, the pilot jettisoned the canopy and bailed out at low level, receiving serious injuries.

The other glider was seen to perform a looping-type manoeuvre and impact the ground in a near-vertical attitude at high speed. Although the pilot was wearing a parachute, he did not abandon the aircraft. The pilot received fatal injuries.

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