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While engaged in seismic operations in Tayabas Bay, Luzon the Philippines, the Australian registered research vessel Rig Seismic grounded on an uncharted reef. The vessel was refloated without assistance. No pollution occurred and the vessel suffered only minor damage.


It is considered that:

  1. The reef in which the Rig Seismic grounded was uncharted.
  2. The Assistant Manager, Ships Operations and the ship's Master made every reasonable effort to collect available information and to familiarise themselves with the operational areas.
  3. The Master's use the African Queen 11 to sound ahead of the Rig Seismic was a sound precautionary measure.
  4. The African Queen 11 did not locate the reef on which the Rig Seismic grounded due to its different turn track.
  5. The actions of all personnel after the grounding were all carried out in a professional and timely manner.
  6. Although the Master, due to his prolonged periods on the bridge, would have been tired to some extent, fatigue is not considered a contributing factor to the grounding.
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