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The pilot had planned to carry out a period of circuit training. Following discussion with the operator it was decided the pilots circuit procedures would be checked by an instructor prior to her conducting solo circuit training.

Two uneventful dual circuits were conducted. Following the dual check the pilot carried out one solo circuit which, apparently, resulted in a normal landing, a second circuit which required an overshoot as the aircraft was too high over the threshold, a third circuit which appeared normal and a fourth circuit which ended in the crash.

During the final circuit the aircraft was observed to be below the normal glide path and flying faster than normal as it turned on to the final approach. The aircraft continued to descend, with wing flaps retracted, until it became obvious to the ground observers that the aircraft would crash short of the runway unless the pilot took some corrective action.

Just prior to impact, with a 15 metre high tree 300 metres short of the threshold, the pilot radioed that she was going round. However, the aircraft collided with the tree as the call was being made. The aircraft stopped, inverted, in a drain 30 metres past the tree.

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