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On return to Moorabbin from the training area the pilot attempted two crosswind touch-and-go landings on Runway 31 right using 20 degrees of flap and normal approach speeds. The first was successful. On the second approach the aircraft touched down well into the runway and he had difficulty keeping the aircraft straight during the landing roll. After a ground roll of about 250 metres the pilot decided to make the landing a full stop because he thought that there was insufficient runway remaining for a touch-and-go. In reality there was still about 600 metres of runway available for a go-around. As the aircraft slowed down the pilot had increasing difficulty keeping the aircraft straight. With the wind of 250 degrees gusting from 12 to 19 knots, the aircraft veered left. He decided to try to bring the aircraft to a controlled stop on the grass with the intention of taxiing back on to the runway. A short distance after leaving the sealed runway the nosewheel sank in soft damp ground and the aircraft slowly tipped up on to its right wing tip before settling back on to its wheels. During his previous training the pilot had completed one lesson in crosswind landings with an instructor. However the gusty crosswind conditions on the day of the accident were more severe than he had encountered before and he was unaware that the grass surface was soft. This accident was not the subject of a formal on scene investigation.

Download Final Report
[ Download PDF: 22KB]
General details
Date: 06 October 1989 Investigation status: Completed 
Time: 1045  
Location:Moorabbin Airport Investigation type: Occurrence Investigation 
State: Victoria Occurrence type: Loss of control 
Release date: 27 October 1989 Occurrence class: Operational 
Report status: Final Occurrence category: Accident 
 Highest injury level: None 
Aircraft details
Aircraft manufacturer: Cessna Aircraft Company 
Aircraft model: 152 
Aircraft registration: VH-NAK 
Serial number: 1585027 
Type of operation: Flying Training 
Damage to aircraft: Substantial 
Departure point:Moorabbin Airport VIC
Departure time:0910
Destination:Moorabbin Airport VIC
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