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12 Sep 2017 [News Item] ATSB Commissioner Noel Hart reappointed
3 Oct 2017 [News Item] Chapter closes on the ATSB-led search for MH370
4 Oct 2017 [News Item] Peter Lloyd awarded the Oswald Watt Gold Medal
5 Oct 2017 [News Item] Engaging with the Asia Pacific
18 Oct 2017 [News Item] ATSB supports Airport Safety Week
23 Oct 2017 [News Item] ATSB releases safety priorities
30 Oct 2017 [News Item] Annual Report released
1 Nov 2017 [News Item] Safe work on track across Australia: Analysis of incident data
28 Nov 2017 [News Item] The importance of good communication and good planning in the cockpit
30 Nov 2017 [News Item] ATSB teaches a marine safety investigation course in Jakarta
5 Dec 2017 [News Item] Proactive management of high workloads can limit risks on approach
18 Dec 2017 [News Item] Leave yourself an alternative to flying beyond your limits
15 Jan 2018 [News Item] Australian Aviation Safety Statistics 2007-2016
16 Jan 2018 [News Item] Understand your aircraft systems, adhere to cockpit procedures to ensure a stabilised approach and, if in doubt, go around!
17 Jan 2018 [News Item] Near hit with detrained passengers on track
29 Jan 2018 [News Item] Take the time to check for warning signs
1 Feb 2018 [News Item] Working together for Rail Safety
13 Feb 2018 [News Item] Ongoing learning vital for good aviation fuel management
20 Feb 2018 [News Item] Know your weight and fly within your limits
27 Feb 2018 [News Item] Know your responsibilities to avoid damage from foreign object debris
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