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Chief Pilots land in Canberra

Chief Pilots from around Australia converged on the ATSB’s office in Canberra today to take part in the national Chief Pilots’ forum.

The Group of Chief Pilots from the majority of Australia’s high capacity carriers meet on a regular basis to discuss safety-related issues. (High capacity aircraft are those certificated as having a maximum seating capacity exceeding 38 seats or a maximum payload exceeding 4200 kilograms.)

The forum encourages the ongoing, effective relationship with industry stakeholders and regulators. The primary aim of the forum is to enhance aviation safety.

Each airline Chief Pilot usually hosts the forum at their corporate office. While today’s forum is hosted by Virgin Australia Regional Airlines, the group will meet at the ATSB to discuss transport safety notifications and occurrence reporting as well as aviation regulatory matters.

ATSB Chief Commissioner Greg Hood will also provide an overview of how the national transport safety investigator is evolving to meet a host of new challenges within the aviation industry.

Program participants will have an opportunity to tour the ATSB’s technical facilities where investigators analyse Cockpit Voice Recorder and Flight Data Recorder readouts for occurrences in Australia and overseas. Australia is one of few countries in the Asia-Pacific region to possess these types of labs.

Chief Pilots forum

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Last update 27 June 2017