ATSB and NTSC working together to build investigative skills in the Asia Pacific

Indonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) flight recorder specialist Andreas Hananto continues to hone his flight data recovery and analysis skills...

Transport Safety Investigator Ken Kell, with ndonesian National Transportation Safety Committee (NTSC) flight recorder specialist Andreas Hananto, ATSB Chief Commissioner Greg Hoos and ATSB Manager International Richard Batt

Over a six week period, Andreas completed the theory and examinations required to achieve private pilot licence standard.

To consolidate his learnings, he undertook a flight with an instructor that demonstrated aircraft handling in the local training area at Bankstown. A second flight exercised all of the theory that had learned, including preparing a flight plan and performing the pre-flight check of the Piper Warrior.

The flight, which departed Bankstown and took in the visual coastal route passing Kingsford Smith Airport, also provided an experience of the various air traffic control zones, radio procedures and flying in turbulent conditions.

Andreas also undertook a simulator session where he successfully completed an instrument flying exercise.

The additional skills and exposure gained by Andreas through this study will enhance his ability to perform his job at the NTSC. He is looking forward to sharing this knowledge with the flight recorder group he supervises at the NTSC.

Andreas was last in Australia in December to undertake a two week placement with the ATSB as part of the Indonesia Transport Safety Assistance Package (ITSAP), which is supported by funding from the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

ATSB Senior Transport Safety Investigator Ken Kell said it had been a privilege to work alongside Andreas during his visits to Australia.

“The NTSC analyses a relatively high volume of flight recorders each year and I have had the opportunity to support his work, which has provided me with valuable insight into the operations of the NTSC.

“Andreas’ technical proficiencies are impressive”

ATSB Manager International Richard Batt said the cooperation between the ATSB and the NTSC is a key element in ensuring lasting transportation safety for the people of Indonesia and Australian travellers to Indonesia.

“The ATSB continues to support the development of investigative capabilities across the Asia Pacific region with its program of cooperation through ITSAP also extending to the Papua New Guinea Accident Investigation Commission.”

For more information on ITSAP visit the Regional Engagement webpage.

Last update 21 August 2017