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Preparing for the worst

It’s never pleasant contemplating the next major rail accident but ATSB investigators need to be prepared for when it happens.

Preparing for the worst

As part of our major accident preparedness, senior rail safety investigators will meet in Adelaide this week to stress test current investigation response plans to a major rail accident.

ATSB Manager of Rail Safety Investigations Tony Simes said the workshop will improve the way the ATSB responds to a future major accident.

“While rail safety has improved over the years, we want to ensure we’re able to respond quickly and efficiently should a major accident occur,” Tony said.

“Investigators from around Australia will take part in the workshop, including the ATSB, the Office of Transport Safety Investigations in NSW, and the Chief Investigator Transport Safety in Victoria.

“The workshop will also draw on investigator expertise from the numerous national emergency exercises in which the ATSB has been involved.

 “During the workshop, we’ll define the worst-case credible scenarios—what a major rail accident looks like—and formulate the most effective response to these scenarios.

“A key part of the workshop will also be determining the risks associated with responding to a major accident—what things might affect our ability to do our job. These risks include resource limitations and preserving evidence while working with other agencies/stakeholders."

The workshop will take place over Wednesday and Thursday this week. This is the first of a number of workshops to ensure the ATSB is prepared for responding to any major transportation accident.

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Last update 06 December 2016