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New confidential reporting web page

REPCON report information

A new web page featuring de-identified confidential reports on aviation, maritime and rail safety concerns will soon be available on the ATSB website.

The ATSB’s confidential reporting scheme, REPCON, allows people with safety concerns to report them confidentially to the ATSB without fear of being identified. These confidential reports often contain valuable information that can help industry address unsafe procedures, practices or conditions.

Because many important safety concerns are reported to the ATSB through REPCON, it is vital that all of industry is aware of, and can learn from, the reported concerns. To enhance awareness of these safety issues, the ATSB will make this information available through the publication of de-identified confidential reports on its website from early March 2014.

The published information will include details about safety concerns, as well as responses and safety actions taken by relevant organisations or government agencies about the concern.

It’s important to remember that the information published on the new web page is de-identified to protect the identity of the reporter or any third party individual. REPCON serves to collect information about safety concerns in the aviation, marine and rail industries, to help facilitate safety action and, ultimately, improve transport safety. REPCON is not used to apportion blame or liability—the underpinning legislation specifically precludes information in a report being used for disciplinary purposes. As well, REPCON reports are inadmissible in evidence in a court, except where a person has committed an offence under the Criminal Code (False or misleading information) in making the report.

If you have any questions about the new web page or REPCON in general, call the REPCON reporting line on 1800 020 505.

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Last update 05 June 2014