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Unsafe marine work practices targeted in video

Unsafe work practices - cutting a 200 l drum

A new video highlighting the ongoing safety concerns for maritime workers has been released by the ATSB today. 

The video features the accident of a crew member on board a ship who was tragically killed by an explosion while cutting a used 200 litre drum with an angle grinder.

ATSB Chief Commissioner, Martin Dolan, said the ATSB has investigated several accidents involving unsafe work practices in the maritime industry.

“We continue to investigate maritime accidents that result in serious injury or death following falls from height, crushing and exploding equipment,” Mr Dolan said.

“These accidents could’ve been avoided if the workers had just given some time to think about the risks involved before they started the task.

“The video provides a powerful reminder to all workers of the need to take risk seriously and to make sure the risk is appropriately managed.”

The video, the fourth in the ATSB’s SafetyWatch video series, can be found on the ATSB’s YouTube channel, ATSBinfo.

You can find more information about unsafe marine work practices, along with the ATSB’s other top transport safety priorities, on the SafetyWatch web page. 


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Last update 28 August 2013