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ATSB releases new investigation bulletin

Bulletin -19-cover _newsThe ATSB has just released a new aviation bulletin containing 9 investigation reports. The Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin Issue 19 covers short, office-based investigations.

The bulletin covers incidents, serious incidents and accidents involving jet, turboprop and piston aircraft and helicopters. None of the accidents were fatal; however, some of the aircraft suffered substantial damage and in some occurrences, people suffered injuries.

Short investigations cover incidents and accidents where the associated factors are usually well-understood and do not require more detailed investigations. Nonetheless, each investigation has the potential to produce important Safety Messages for pilots, operators and others in the aviation industry. The investigations also help the ATSB identify statistics and trends in air safety.

The incidents covered in the report include:

  • Takeoff without runway lighting involving an Airbus A320
  • A runway incursion between a Fairchild SA227 and a ground vehicle
  • Loss of ground control involving a PZL-Mielec M18A Dromader
  • Collision on ground involving a Cessna 150F
  • A Cessna 310 landing on a closed runway
  • A runway incursion between a Cessna 206 and an airport safety vehicle
  • A collision on a runway between a Grob G103 Twin Astir glider and a Cessna 150F
  • Wildlife strikes involving a Mooney M20J
  • A wirestrike involving a Robinson R44

Read the ATSB’s Aviation Short Investigation Bulletin – Issue 19

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Last update 29 May 2013