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ATSB to investigate airplane accident on Bathurst Island, Northern Territory

Update 3.05pm - 8 February 2011

The ATSB investigation team commenced investigation of the Bathurst Island accident site on Monday morning. Access to the site has been difficult, with dense undergrowth and very wet conditions hampering activities. The investigation team has mapped the wreckage distribution and is proceeding to examine key aircraft systems and structures in closer detail.

Ongoing activities will include interviews with witnesses and aircraft operational and maintenance personnel. Maintenance, training and operation records have been quarantined and will be reviewed as part of the ongoing investigative process.


Update 1.10pm - 7 February 2011

The ATSB is investigating the 5 February accident involving a Cessna 310R on Bathurst Island in the Northern Territory. The aircraft collided with terrain shortly after taking off from Bathurst Island Aerodrome. The pilot (the only person on board) sustained fatal injuries.

The ATSB deployed a team of four investigators to the accident site on Sunday morning - two officers from the ATSB Canberra central office and two from the Brisbane office. The team arrived in Darwin early Sunday afternoon and commenced investigations by contacting police, Air Services Australia and the aircraft operator. The team will be travelling to Bathurst Island early Monday morning to commence the on-site phase of the investigation.

A preliminary report, containing a summary of factual information gathered during the ATSB's initial investigation, will be issued within 30 days.

More information on the investigation is available on the investigation page AO-2010-017.

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