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Media releases and alerts
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15 Nov 200015 Nov 2000Piper Aerostar engine failure whilst landing at Hay Aerodrome (NSW) this morning
16 Nov 200016 Nov 2000Wire strike accident while aerial spraying - WA
11 Jan 200111 Jan 2001Investigation into Ansett Boeing 767 maintenance
29 Jan 200129 Jan 2001Three aircraft accidents (Canberra, near Brisbane and NE of Newman WA)
30 Jan 200130 Jan 2001Information sought about accident at Canberra Airport
31 Jan 200131 Jan 2001ATSB investigates Emirates Airlines occurrence at Melbourne
01 Mar 200101 Mar 2001Poor watchkeeping procedures lead to another marine collision
13 Mar 200113 Mar 2001Important information about air safety investigation in Australia
30 Mar 200130 Mar 2001Release of investigation report on contaminated aviation gasoline
10 Apr 200110 Apr 2001Safety Deficiency Investigation
12 Apr 200112 Apr 2001ATSB releases two air safety recommendations relating to airline aircraft maintenance requirements
20 Apr 200120 Apr 2001Sydney Morning Herald article of 20 April 2001 and the ATSB
25 Apr 200125 Apr 2001Release of QF1 Bangkok accident investigation report
31 May 200131 May 2001Human Error Leads to Grounding
06 Jul 200106 Jul 2001Ship in distress after cargo shifts
19 Sep 200119 Sep 2001Report on tanker grounding in Tamar River released today
19 Dec 200119 Dec 2001Release of the Whyalla Airlines Piper Chieftain, VH-MZK report
20 Dec 200120 Dec 2001Shirley Strachan accident highlights mountain wave dangers
20 Dec 200120 Dec 2001ATSB releases report on Chester and Hai Teng collision
14 Jan 200214 Jan 2002Heavy rain a key factor in shipping accident
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