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Media releases and alerts
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01 Jun 201701 Jun 2017Media briefing on fatal aviation accident at Renmark, SA
19 May 201719 May 2017ATSB Chief Commissioner Greg Hoods talks traffic management
05 May 201705 May 2017ATSB issues second interim ATR report
24 Apr 201724 Apr 2017Aviation legend to donate piece of aviation history to ATSB
21 Apr 201721 Apr 2017CSIRO releases new MH370 drift modelling report
13 Apr 201713 Apr 2017Proactive safety action results from SAAB 340 propeller detachment
21 Mar 201721 Mar 2017Missing SAAB 340 propeller located
21 Feb 201721 Feb 2017Media briefing: Collision with terrain involving B200 King Air VH-ZCR at Essendon Airport, Victoria
20 Dec 201620 Dec 2016MH370 First Principles Review and CSIRO reports
19 Jul 201619 Jul 2016Joint media release: Further aircraft debris examined as part of MH370 investigation
20 Jul 201520 Jul 2015Onsite media briefing: Collision with terrain involving an amateur-built aircraft (Glasair SH-2FT) near Wedderburn Airport, NSW
10 Jul 201510 Jul 2015Report to educate aerial agriculture and firefighting pilots
04 Jun 201504 Jun 2015ATSB calls on US and European regulators to act on reducing helicopter fires
16 Apr 201516 Apr 2015Fatality exposes risks of flying in poor weather
29 Jan 201529 Jan 2015Tragedy prompts low-flying warning
16 Dec 201416 Dec 2014Fatality exposes danger of visual flight at night
08 Dec 201408 Dec 2014ATSB begins action on Canadian review
02 Dec 201402 Dec 2014ATSB welcomes findings from Canadian investigation review
20 Nov 201420 Nov 2014International investigators here for the “H Factor”
03 Nov 201403 Nov 2014Australia’s transport safe, but can be improved: ATSB report
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